How to set URL mapping

I have two sites located in two different places on my Hard drive

The first one is called Mapping and is located on a server at :

(you will click on that link after reading the demo — or before if you are too curious)

The second one is called Cartoun and is located on another server at :

The purpose is to make links fom Mapping to Cartoun.

Step 1

Launch the two sites (here Cartoun and Mapping)

Before making any links from the starting site (here Mapping) which target to the remote site (here, Cartoun) :

Select the starting site window (here Mapping)

  1. Click to the preference site icon
  2. Choose File Mapping
  3. Click on New element.

  1. In the first field, type the full URL of the remote site (here : Cartoun)
  2. In the second field, I choose Root of (here: "")
  3. Click OK

Step 2 [click to continue]